Guitar Chord Inversions – Why is that important?

    Guitar Chord Inversions – Why is that important?

    The Importance of Guitar Chord Inversions

    Why you should absolutely, positively and without a doubt learn your guitar chord inversions.

    I love playing chord inversions! Whether it’s to create a background part, or to do an improv blues chord solo jam, or to be able to put together a beautiful solo arrangement of a song, mixing chords and melody together, or even just to rock the heck out of a funk guitar part, knowing your chord inversions is what’s going to get you there….

    So as you can see, or hear, chord inversions are just awesome. But here’s the thing, whatever application you’re putting them too, you have to know your basic music theory, to be able to use them.

    The Guitar Playing Course by From Joe to Pro

    This is why fromjoetopro is so different from other courses- I’m not here to teach you songs by rote. I’m here to teach you concepts so you can be creative with your playing, and so you can understand any song you happen to go on to learn. And while you will no doubt go on to recognize chord inversions in other songs that you learn, my real goal is that you can write your own parts, chord solos and arrangements.

    Now, back to why you need theory. In order to grasp chord inversions, you have to not only memorize chord shapes, you have to know cold, which notes are in each chord you are dealing with, and what number they are in that chord- For example, an A7 has an A, C#, E and G, and those notes are the root, third, fifth and seventh of that chord. And then for each note on top you have to memorize a new chord shape.

    It seems overwhelming right? Well, here’s the good news- One, there’s only so many chord types to deal with- Major, minor, and the three most basic seven chords are enough to start with, so let’s say five chord types total. That ends up being around 18 shapes total. You can memorize 18 shapes I know. And if you know your theory then you’ll have no trouble applying those shapes all over the neck.

    And in the chord inversion course I walk you through it all, with a pdf book, tons of videos, and backing tracks too, so that you get comfortable playing those chord shapes whenever and however you’d like.

    And that’s when the magic happens! So what are you waiting for? Let’s Dive In!