How to use the Course!

How to use the Course! -What to Expect

Feel free to check out this short highlight reel, so you can get a feel of what to expect from the course!

Once you commit to the course through subscribing, I highly recommend that you move through the first eight modules one at a time, and one chapter at a time. They're constructed in such a way that your skill and knowledge base will build steadily, allowing you to take on the more challenging material in the later modules. This is the whole basis of the course, developed over years of teaching- When students jump around from song to song, lesson to lesson, without the framework to understand context, development stalls out. But with the proper grounding, everything learned is just another understandable part of the larger picture of guitar playing, and of music in general, as a whole. Of course you can and should keep working on other aspects of your playing while moving through the early chapters. But just keep in mind, having the understanding of those basics is what will allow you to follow the complicated stuff later, which would otherwise be too much. So trust the process, have fun, and Jump In!

*As an additional note, feel free to download and print each pdf book per module, if that's more convenient for you than reading them online, while you are working through the video lessons. Either way, the books, videos and backing tracks will give you everything you need to tackle all the material.