Welcome to my Guitar Blog! I will be posting articles here from time to time, to explain the different courses on the site, and also to deep dive on my thoughts on learning the guitar and on music in general. These articles will work alongside the books and videos and backing tracks available to you once you Subscribe to the site.

    Guitar Chord Inversions – Why is that important?

    Why you should absolutely, positively and without a doubt learn your chord inversions.

    I love playing chord inversions! Whether it’s to create a background part, or to do an improv blues chord solo jam, or to be able to put together a beautiful solo arrangement of a song, mixing chords and melody together, or even just to rock the heck out of a funk guitar part, knowing your chord inversions is what’s going to get you there….

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      The Soloing Guitar Player’s Game Plan

      Do you want your solo to be ho-hum, or do you want your solo to kick ass?

      I thought so…

      Well, if you want to have a kick ass solo over a chord progression for whatever song you’re working on, your best bet is to really understand your scale choices. And that’s what the Soloist’s Game Plan is all about.

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