Welcome to my Guitar Blog! I will be posting articles here from time to time, to explain the different courses on the site, and also to deep dive on my thoughts on learning the guitar and on music in general. These articles will work alongside the books and videos and backing tracks available to you once you Subscribe to the site.

    Learning How to Play Guitar for Beginners

    Learning How to Play Guitar for Beginners- When beginning guitarists are considering where to get instruction, some questions they might have are, Is Learning the Guitar Easy? And, Are Online Guitar Lessons Effective? The first question is an easy one…. Nope! You’ll have to work hard to become a good guitarist, no doubt about it. …

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      The Three Pillars of Playing Guitar

      The Three Pillars of Guitar Playing- Or why you need to know both theory and your fretboard like a fiend.

      This is really starting to become a theme with me isn’t it? – this argument of talent (or having good ear) versus knowledge (or knowing theory and your fretboard)

      Well, it’s not my fault, my guitar-clutching friends. You see, I didn’t start this fight, but I’m sure as heck going to finish it!

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        Music Theory for Guitar Players

        Why Learn Music Theory if You Just Want to Play Guitar?

        This is a pretty reasonable question. After all, any aspiring guitarist only has so much time and energy to put into their hobby, and they don’t want to waste time learning music theory if they don’t have to. And a lot of guitar players also tend to point towards players that they admire, maybe their favorite blues or rock guitarist, and say to themselves, “Look, they don’t know music theory and they play great! So why should I learn music theory if they didn’t?”

        Well, here’s the thing guys: The guitarists you love probably do know music theory, in fact, I’d be willing to bet my Fender Stratocaster on it. It’s just that music theory maybe isn’t what you think it is. And if you really want to learn how to play music, you’re going to have to learn music theory to, no doubt about it. And in fact, you probably already have started to, and maybe didn’t know it.

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