About Us

The course was designed and implemented by Jack Beddows. Jack has been playing and studying and generally loving the guitar since the mid 1980’s. He has a degree in music from the University of California at Santa Barbara, with an Emphasis in Music Composition and Classical Guitar studies, an associate’s degree in sound engineering, and is a veteran music teacher, teaching everything from Jazz Band and Orchestra, to community college guitar programs. 

This course is the culmination of all his years of teaching, and it has been designed to fill in the gaps that time and again he has seen stalling out players’ progress. Having a comprehensive view of music theory, from studying in depth in multiple styles of music, from Rock to Jazz to Blues, he has created a streamlined, easy-to-learn approach to learning the right types of music theory for the guitar. And this is at the heart of understanding the more advanced approaches to guitar techniques that the pros have and that amateur guitarists envy, and which are all covered in the program once the basics are mastered. His goal is not to teach you how to learn individual songs from your favorite artists, but to learn how to create your own music in those same styles. By the end of the course, you will be able to learn songs more quickly, be able to solo much more effectively, and be able to write advanced parts that fit over any chord progression.

Jack is extremely proud of this comprehensive course that, through theory and fretboard knowledge, guarantees to make you not just a better guitar player, but a much better musician. 

While other sites may give you a fish or two, this site teaches you how to catch all the fish you want. So jump in and start your free trial today!