This site is all about getting you over your plateaus. If you have stalled out in your progress, or feel that music is still a big mystery, then this is the site for you. This is a comprehensive program from the beginning stages of understanding music all the way through to truly advanced guitar lessons. This is one of the best learning tools for guitar players available anywhere, at a very affordable cost.

our journey

our journey

    We start with working through the fundamentals of basic theory, only what you need and nothing else, then move through the theory of rock and blues music.


    Once you have this fundamental language of music under your belt, you’ll be ready for the following modules.


    Designed over decades of teaching, by a 35 year veteran of the instrument, from Joe to Pro takes decades of learning and puts it into a comprehensive course that is fun and easy to follow.

Best Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners and Advanced Guitar Players

Following our comprehensive program, you can expect:

1. To understand music in general

Understanding music in general so that any technique learned is seen as part of the larger context of playing, not just your instrument, but of music in general.

This is important because without this context, techniques are harder to learn and songs and parts are then only learned by memorizing, without understanding them. Whereas if you have this context, you can apply ideas more easily to new material and work towards making your own parts and music more easily.

Understanding basic music theory, chords and inversions, blues scales and other playing techniques, such as soloing choices and part creation.

  • Basic theory
  • Blues and rock theory
  • Understanding the modes
  • Understanding all basic rhythm notations
  • Learning guitar chord inversions
  • Understanding chord progressions as a professional soloist does to give more choices
  • Learning to associate chord inversions with scale choices
  • Learning advanced blues scales for blues and rock jams

By the end of this program, you will have most of the techniques and understanding of music that a professional player has.

What can I expect to learn with this program?

The program consists of a progression of modules that each contain a comprehensive PDF book, filled with scale and chord diagrams, that works in conjunction with backing tracks and streaming video lessons that help you to tie all of the material together.

While you don’t have to complete each lesson in order, the course is structured so that you build on your skills and knowledge as you go.

To access the material, you can start with a totally free week by signing up here. If you already have your subscription, feel free to login at any time. You can also go to the free lessons on the course page, to get a feel for the site without subscribing. But the lessons will make the most sense, in order.

About Us

About Us

The course was designed and implemented by Jack Beddows. Jack has been playing and studying and generally loving the guitar since the mid 1980’s.

He has a degree in music from the University of California at Santa Barbara, with an Emphasis in Music Composition and Classical Guitar studies, an associate’s degree in sound engineering, and is a veteran music teacher, teaching everything from Jazz Band And Orchestra, to community college courses.

Combining his love for Rock, Jazz and Classical music, Jack has developed a unique approach that has combined the best learning practices of each style in order to quickly get his students to an understanding and mastery of their instrument that allows them to put together advanced playing ideas and part writing for live performances or studio recordings.

Jack has a comfortable teaching style that allows him to take dense material and make it understandable. And as a guitar player that has taken many online courses, while many teachers have a lot to offer, I have never seen a more comprehensive program that takes musical theory and ideas and brings them straight away to real world applications.I love moving through the course, and never find it overwhelming but always instructional.

The modules follow a great progression, giving you the necessary skills to play most styles of popular music. And the bottom line is, every time I pick up the guitar now, I’m using the knowledge that I’ve gained to help my soloing and rhythm playing. And applying this knowledge in my playing is where the rubber really meets the road.

This course has made guitar playing more fun and satisfying for me.

Shawn Power

(Professional guitar player and studio engineer)